Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We value and protect the personal privacy of all visitors to and users of our site. To that end, we have put this policy in place. We want you to know exactly what types of information we collect and what we do with that information, whether you are just visiting our site or you are a customer using our services.

We urge you to read this policy in full and to contact us if you have any questions about it.

Types of Information

There are three types of information we collect:

Collective/Anonymous Information

When a visitor makes the decision to purchase products or services from My Essays Lab, there is additional information that must be provided – name, email address, and telephone contact. Obviously, this is necessary so that we may contact a customer throughout the process of order fulfillment.

Personal information is encrypted and protected by the latest firewall technology. Customers are assigned ID numbers through our system, and their writers only know them by these numbers.

How Personal Information is Used

We use personal information for the purposes stated above. We do not share any personal information with any third party, nor do we share out email list we anyone.

Compliance with Legal Authorities

Should any law enforcement or any representative of a legal authority provide a warrant for personal information that a user of our site has given us, we will comply with that warrant and provide the information.

We do not solicit information from anyone under the age of 13. Should we discover that someone under the age of 13 is using our services, we will contact him or her and insist upon parental permission.

Third Party Websites

There may be links on our site to other websites. This commonly happens in the blog content that we create. If a visitor or customer should link to any of these third-party sites, this privacy policy is no longer in effect. We are not responsible for the content or the privacy protections of any other site but our own. It is up to the visitor/customer to determine those privacy protections. Further, we do not guarantee any of the information or the security of any third-party site.

Your Right to Cancel

Anyone who has provided personal information to My Essays Lab, either as a subscriber or as a customer, may, at any time, opt out and request that their personal information be wiped from our system. We will do so immediately upon receiving such a request.

Customers who have accounts with us may close those accounts at any time. When they do, their personal information is placed in an inactive database, and all communication between that visitor and the company ceases. We keep the information inactive and securely archived in case of any legal action or disputes.


We know that security is a major concern of our customers. Just like any retailer, we maintain strong firewalls which are constantly monitored, tested, and upgraded. There has never been a breach of our firewalls.

Consent of User

Every visitor to our site, and every customer of our services gives consent to this privacy policy by virtue of accessing our site. If there are any concerns about this policy, individuals should contact our customer support department for more information.

My Essays Lab does provide free information to visitors, such as new products or services we add, special promotions and sales, etc., as well as articles about writing and other popular topics. These are provided on a subscription basis. Individuals who wish to subscribe to our news or who wish to receive personal responses to questions, will need to provide their email addresses. We do not ask for any other personal information.

Information Voluntarily Provided by Customers

We collect no personal information through any of these activities.

Cookies: Like all websites, we also use cookies – little bits of data placed in your browser files. Cookies do not collect personal information either, but they do allow us to track where you go while on our site. Again, this is so that we can make it better. You have the option to “disallow” cookies, and you will still be able to visit our site. However, if you should decides to subscribe to our newsletter, to participate in conversation with us, or to use our services, you will have to turn that function on to do so.

Information that is Voluntarily Provided by Visitors

Like every other website, we do track visits and use. We calculate the number of unique visitors; we track the navigation throughout out site, the length of time that someone is on our site, and the pages that our visitors access. We also track what search terms were used to find us and the browsers used. All of this information is anonymous as far as you are concerned. We do not know who individual visitors are. The purpose for the collection of this information is the following:

We are constantly evaluating our site, the time each page takes to load, etc., so that we can continue to improve its quality and the experience our visitors have. If a page loads too slowly, for example, we want to fix that. We want to improve our rankings on search engines, by making improvements and fixing problems visitors may have as they navigate.

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