First, thank you for your interest in My Essays Lab. If you are searching for high quality writing services, you are exactly where you want to be. It is our goal to provide every customer with the perfect, customer service experience, and the best products. We’re guessing that you are primarily concerned with the qualifications of our writers. In that case, let’s not waste anymore time. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing essay writers working for us.

Writers’ Qualifications

Let’s start with our formal qualifications. Every writer who works for us must  have a college degree from an accredited university or college in the United States, Canada, Australia, or United Kingdom or a territory of one of these nations. The vast majority of our writers also have graduate degrees. They must have relevant work experience, be native English speakers, and pass our proficiency exam. They go through an intense training period so that we know they can write and research the toughest assignments and meet the tightest deadlines.

That Little Something More

We have found that the best writers are the most interesting, passionate people. When we began hiring writers, we noticed a pattern. The writers who were true rock stars were also amazing people. They were involved in their communities, they traveled, they volunteered, they played sports, they started non profit organizations, and more.

It may simply be that life experience creates great writers or that good writing comes from people who are naturally curious, lifelong learners. Whatever the case may be, we only accept true go-getters on our online writing team.

Top Writers
Writer`s ID: 175705

Psychology, Literature, Philosophy, Sociology

Orders completed

52 (87%)



Writer`s ID: 173617

Sociology, Physics

Orders completed

49 (82%)



Writer`s ID: 170997

Biology, Business

Orders completed

36 (98%)



Orders completed

12 (93%)



Writer`s ID: 169085

Natural Science, Anthropology, Biology, Environmental Science, Geography, Marketing, Healthcare&Medicine, Psychology, Business, Advertising, Economics, Finance, Investment, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, IT & Technology, Communications&Media, Communication Strategies, Public relations, Accounting, E-commerce, Trade, English, History, Management, Pathogenesis of disease, Education

Orders completed

46 (87%)



Writer`s ID: 167457

Marketing, Healthcare&Medicine, Psychology, Business, Nursing, Literature, Political Science, Sociology, Law, Manufacturing Engineering, Communications&Media, Public relations, English, History, Management, Pathogenesis of disease

Orders completed

52 (95%)



Writer`s ID: 166883

Marketing, Business, Advertising, Economics, Finance, Philosophy, Communications&Media, Communication Strategies, E-commerce, Management, Education

Orders completed

74 (97%)



Writer`s ID: 166049

Environmental Science, Marketing, Business, Literature, Law

Orders completed

94 (99%)



Writer`s ID: 164614

Marketing, Psychology, Business, Literature, Agriculture, Sociology

Orders completed

62 (89%)



Writer`s ID: 164172

Natural Science, Anthropology, Marketing, Psychology, Business, Literature, Political Science, Sociology, IT & Technology, Communications&Media, Communication Strategies, Public relations, E-commerce, English, History, Management

Orders completed

84 (96%)



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