Terms of Use

This policy outlines all of the terms and conditions of the use of My Essays Lab by any individual. It codifies the relationship between My Essays Lab and any customer who contracts for product of services from the company. This document is the entire legal agreement between any user of My Essays Lab services and the company. Once any individual accesses the My Essays Lab website, s/he is bound by these Terms and Conditions. If there is not agreement to these Terms and Conditions, then said user should exit from the website.


  1. The name of this company is My Essays Lab. It is also referred to as “company,” “website,” and it also includes such terms as “administrators, “employees,” “staff,” “writers,” and “affiliates”
  2. “Customer” is also referred to as anyone who makes use of the products or services of the company. In this document, terms that refer to customers are “you,” “your,”
  3. “Order” refers to a product or service that a customer orders and for which that customer provides payment
  4. “Contract” refers to these terms and conditions which constitute a binding agreement between any customer and the Company

Products for Personal Use Only

My Essays Lab creates original research and writing products, along with other services, to its customers. Customers order and pay for these products and services. The customer agrees and understands that any product received from the Company is for his/her personal use only. Therefore, s/he agrees never to sell, distribute, transfer or otherwise distribute any product to a third party, without written permission of the Company. If this term is violated, Customer assume totally responsibility for any consequences that follow.

Legal Jurisdictions

The company operates under the legal jurisdiction and authority of the physical location of its headquarters. Customer bears the responsibility for knowing and understanding the laws of their own jurisdictions relative to purchasing online retail products and services.


The company provides original written products to the customer. To do this, the company employs the services of professional and qualified writers, along with support staff. The Customer’s responsibility is to use these products personally and to understand that the Company does not condone academic or professional dishonesty. If the customer should incur and personal or legal consequences resulting from the use of Company product or services, the company shall bear no responsibility.

The Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the company in the event of any negative consequences, personal or legal that should occur as a result of the use of Company products or services.

Privacy Policy 

We place a high priority on your privacy and security of your personal information. We want all of our visitors and users to know exactly what information we collect and how we use and store it.

We only collect the information in order to provide products and services, as well as other content to those who access and/or make use of our offerings.

Purpose of Our Privacy Policy

It is our intention that all visitors and users know exactly what personal data we collect, why we need the information, how it is used, and how to control your stored information.

The Company processes all transactions through the Secure online payment system to ensure the protection of data. Billing information filled out by the Customer is not saved or withheld by the Company in any manner. Customers are encouraged by the Company to keep their personal billing information confidential.

Acquired details are not shared with any third party, and are only used by the Company in the following scenarios:

  • to improve the outlay of the Service;
  • to respond to any requests, questions or complaints;
  • To make awareness to the Customer about significant changes and alterations to the Service.
  • To provide services according to expectations of the Customer.

In case the customer has an Order in progress, the Support Team will contact them by E-mail or Phone to facilitate delivery of the Order.

Sale, distribution or disclosure of Customers’ information will not be done by the Company without their consent unless legal situations are in play such as complying with a subpoena.

Information which is directly available to the Company’s freelancers is not the Company’s responsibility and the Company exercise control over it or give any assurances over its future distribution.

Information provided to the Company is stored on Secure Servers, and the Customer has a duty of keeping their login credentials confidential.

Personal Information We Collect

We collect information when individuals access our site. When they choose to interact with us or by making use of our products and/or services, we may collect the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Other information that may help us enhance your experience on our website.

Personal Information Provided Voluntarily

We do not take any measures to seek out and collect your personal information without your knowledge. But if we are to provide you with any products or services, we collect the information listed above. It is needed in order for us to process your placed orders and to contact you during the course of our production and delivery of products and/or services.

Listed below are the cases when personal information is requested:

  1. Should you decide to make a purchase, personal account should be created. To do this, you will need to provide name, email address, and phone number.
  2. When placing orders with us, you will need to provide additional information like your academic level, courses in which you are enrolled etc. The information is needed in order to find a competent writer to complete and fulfill all order requirements.
  3. If you request information or any type of our assistance, we will ask for your name and email address.
  4. Occasionally we conduct surveys, contests, and other activities for our visitors and users. Participation requires personal information to be provided. Further, if you choose to receive notifications, news etc. you will need to provide your name and email address.

Your personal information will be used only for the purposes it was requested.
The information should be provided on voluntarily basis only.

Indirect Collection of Information

The following are the additional types of information we collect:

  1. We record and store all communication with our users in order to create a history of provided services.
  2. We use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies that provide a record of your site visits - these track your activities on our site, what pages you choose to visit, time you stayed on those pages etc. We collect this information as a part of a larger aggregate to determine the performance of our site and make improvements if necessary. This type of information does not identify you personally. We have cookie policy that explains it in detail and we urge you to review it.
  3. We also collect and store information about other individuals whom you may refer to us as potential users and as a part of our affiliate program. We will use the information to introduce ourselves and promote our products and services.

All personal information that is voluntarily provided to us is securely stored in our system. We do not sell, lease, transfer or otherwise distribute this information to any third-party that is not involved in production or delivery of products or services.

Usage of Your Personal Information

We request and store only the information that is necessary for us to provide you with products and/or services. It is used in the following circumstances:

  1. You have given us information and permission to use it for specific purposes.
  2. You have given us information to communicate with you via email or phone when appropriate and necessary.
  3. You have provided us with information that we may have to share because of disclosure requirements from authorities, including law enforcement.

We also store all the information on ordered products or services, so we could inform you of other products or services that may interest you.

We store information should we need to verify our customers’ identity and for protection against fraud. We may require additional information in the course of identity verification. Again, this is voluntary; however, we will not provide products or services should a user refuse to supply such information. We do not permanently store any identity documents submitted for such verification.

We store indirect and aggregate information in order to evaluate the performance of our site and fix errors, broken links, and other issues.

Sharing Your Information

The following are the circumstances under which we do share your information with third parties:

  1. We have partners that are not a part of our company but whose services we use and are integrated with ours.
  2. We may share information with contracted parties including:
  1. Payment processors.
  2. Enterprises we have contracts with to create and administer surveys, questionnaires, contests etc.
  3. Enterprises we have contracts with for email and other service delivery

Such information is provided only when it is necessary for third parties to perform their contracted obligations. They are legal subject to our terms and conditions to protect your personal information and are prohibited to share your data with any other party, except with sub-contractors. In this case, sub-contractors are also subject to the same legal terms and conditions.

Our Communication with You

The following are the cases of our communication:

  1. When you place an order, we will verify it; contact you for clarifications and to report progress on completion.
  2. We will also contact you to offer additional products or services that may be of interest to you.

Our communication is conducted via emails, text messages, phone calls, and automated emails or surveys that third-party contractor may be managing.

Note: You may opt out of the use of our site and services at any time. To do so, you need to contact our customer service department and request to remove you from our database. It will be done immediately and there will be no further communication from us.

How We Use Analytics Tools

We gather general information about use of our site by visitors and users. This data is gathered through tools that provide us with information about the number of visitors, length of visits, navigation, and more.

These tools do not collect any personally identifying information, although they place persistent cookies in your browser. No personal information is provided through the use of these cookies, and you do have an option to opt out of their use. Your browser, however, does provide the methods of opting out.

Access to Third-Party Sites via Our Site

Any visitor or user who goes through links to a third-party site from our site does so at his/her own risk. We do not guarantee the contents on any third-party site, nor do we endorse their products or services. Once you left our site our privacy policy is no longer in effect. We are not responsible for any consequences of accessing a third-party site through our site.

User Control of Personal Data

You can access your personal data via your account page on our site. You may update any information as necessary.

You can also request that your personal data be removed. If you do so while having a pending order, the data will not be removed until the order has been delivered.

How We Store and Secure Your Data

We employ the most sophisticated and latest technologies to gather and store your data.

We store your personal data as long as you remain a user of our services and until you request its removal from our system.

Listed below are the circumstances under which we continue to store your data:

  1. Legal requirements that we adhere to.
  2. Should we need a record of communications in order to resolve disputes or other issues.
  3. To manage financial records of user payments, refunds, etc.

Legal Age Requirement

We provide our products and services to adults aged 18 and above. We have a strict policy of not collecting or storing personal information of minors. We request to be notified in case any minor becomes our user. If we suspect that a minor has become a user, we will ask for proof of age.

Contact Us

Our customer support department is available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat. Contact information is available on our site. We respond to all queries, issues, and concerns as quickly as possible.

Other My Essays Lab Policies

Customer will find specific policies on the company website. The customer agrees to be bound by these policies by virtue of the use of the website and by ordering any products or services from the company. The customer is solely responsible for reviewing these policies and for contacting the customer support department if there are any questions or need for clarification. The following policies will be found and should be reviewed.

  1. Discount Policy: At its own pleasure, the company will offer discounts to its customers. These discounts are outlined in a policy on the website. It is the prerogative of the company to alter these discounts as it deems appropriate.
  2. Disclaimer: The customer agrees to be bound by the rights and responsibilities that are put forth in this policy.
  3. Money-Back Guarantee: The company has outlined the circumstances under which partial or full refunds are provided.

Ordering and Delivery

The following process occurs when a customer chooses to order a product or service from My Essays Lab:

  1. The customer places the order using the company-provided order form on its website. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide all the information requested and to ensure that the information provided is correct.
  2. The customer agrees that if any specific resource materials are required, s/he will provide these to the writer, either with the initial order or once the writer has been assigned. If no specific resources are provided, the writer will use the most current and relevant resources that are suitable for the topic and academic level of the Customer.
  3. The customer makes payment for the order via one of the accepted payment methods
  4. The company analyzes the order and assigns it to a writer who possesses the qualifications to fulfill it.
  5. The customer is provided a personal account portal through which s/he communicates with the personally-assigned writer, with customer support, and through which s/he may check on progress or provide additional information to the writer.
  6. Upon completion, the order is uploaded to the customer’s personal account for review and approval.
  7. It is the customer’s responsibility to review the order promptly. If approval is given, the piece will be made immediately available for download by the customer
  8. If the customer wishes any revisions to the order, s/he provides the details of this request to the writer. Writer will complete those revisions as quickly as possible. The customer agrees that s/he will have 7 days after the order to request any additional revisions.
  9. If order delivery is delayed due to lack of prompt response of the customer or to technical difficulties beyond the control of the Company, then Company is not liable for such delays.

Order Payment

  1. The payment for the Product is calculated according to the Company’s pricing and should be paid in advance. The Company starts to process the Order only after the payment for the Product is made and is authorized.
  2. The Customer can provide payment in instalments, when requested, as long as the following terms are followed:
  • The price of the Order should be $500 (USD) or higher
  • The first part of the payment should be paid right after the Customer receives the first payment link

* Company representatives reserve the right to refuse a Customer in splitting the payment if such a step might comprise successful Order fulfillment.

** If the installments are not issued within a specified time frame, the company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the Order fulfillment until the due amount is received.

  1. Order can be paid via Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer (payment via this method may take up from 3 to 14 business days) and/or Personal Credit Balance.
  2. The Company’s platform for all payments is PayPal, which requires the Customer to go through PayPal check-out in Order to pay for the Order; To pay for the Order using Credit Card, the Customer is required to fill in the PayPal form. Such actions will not create a permanent PayPal account, but are required to proceed with a one-time transaction.
  3. The Company is not responsible for any technical or procedural issues that may occur while the payment is processed by PayPal. These may include, but are not limited to:
  • The payment falling under PayPal Review, which means the payment is not released until the investigation by PayPal is done.
  • The payment being done via E-check (electronic check), which is an electronic version of a paper check used to make payments online. It can take up to 10 days for an E-check to get delivered.
  • Technical issues with the PayPal platform or Customer’s Bank.

If the transaction fails, the Customer should check the balance on his/her card, online purchase restrictions and card validity before contacting the Support Staff for assistance.

Amendments to this Document

The company may alter these Terms and Conditions at will. When any part of this document is changed, notification will be posted on the company website. It is the customer’s responsibility to stay apprised of any changes that are made to this Terms of Use document. The customer is bound by any changes once they are published.

Third-Party Links

There are third party links on the company website. Customer understands that the company is not responsible for any information found by accessing to those links or any consequences that might result from doing so. Nor is the company responsible for any privacy policies of those companies to which a customer may link from its site.

The Entire Contract

This document represents the entire terms of use agreement. Customer is bound by it and by the other policies published on the Company website.

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