Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This policy outlines all of the terms and conditions of the use of My Essays Lab by any individual. It codifies the relationship between My Essays Lab and any customer who contracts for product of services from the company. This document is the entire legal agreement between any user of My Essays Lab services and the company. Once any individual accesses the My Essays Lab website, s/he is bound by these Terms and Conditions. If there is not agreement to these Terms and Conditions, then said user should exit from the website.


  1. The name of this company is My Essays Lab. It is also referred to as “company,” “website,” and it also includes such terms as “administrators, “employees,” “staff,” “writers,” and “affiliates”
  2. “Customer” is also referred to as anyone who makes use of the products or services of the company. In this document, terms that refer to customers are “you,” “your,”
  3. “Order” refers to a product or service that a customer orders and for which that customer provides payment
  4. “Contract” refers to these terms and conditions which constitute a binding agreement between any customer and the Company

Products for Personal Use Only

My Essays Lab creates original research and writing products, along with other services, to its customers. Customers order and pay for these products and services. The customer agrees and understands that any product received from the Company is for his/her personal use only. Therefore, s/he agrees never to sell, distribute, transfer or otherwise distribute any product to a third party, without written permission of the Company. If this term is violated, Customer assume totally responsibility for any consequences that follow.

Legal Jurisdictions

The company operates under the legal jurisdiction and authority of the physical location of its headquarters. Customer bears the responsibility for knowing and understanding the laws of their own jurisdictions relative to purchasing online retail products and services.


The company provides original written products to the customer. To do this, the company employs the services of professional and qualified writers, along with support staff. The Customer’s responsibility is to use these products personally and to understand that the Company does not condone academic or professional dishonesty. If the customer should incur and personal or legal consequences resulting from the use of Company product or services, the company shall bear no responsibility.

The Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the company in the event of any negative consequences, personal or legal that should occur as a result of the use of Company products or services.

Other My Essays Lab Policies

Customer will find specific policies on the company website. The customer agrees to be bound by these policies by virtue of use of the website and by ordering any products or services from the company. The customer is solely responsible for reviewing these policies and for contacting the customer support department if there are any questions or need for clarification. The following policies will be found and should be reviewed.

  1. Discount Policy: At its own pleasure, the company will offer discounts to its customers. These discounts are outlined in a policy on the website. It is the prerogative of the company to alter these discounts as it deems appropriate.
  2. Disclaimer: The customer agrees to be bound by the rights and responsibilities that are put forth in this policy.
  3. Money-Back Guarantee: The company has outlined the circumstances under which partial or full refunds are provided.
  4. Privacy: The Company protects personal information of all of its customers. This policy outlines what information is collected and how it is protected.

Ordering and Delivery

The following process occurs when a customer chooses to order a product or service from My Essays Lab:

  1. The customer places the order using the company-provided order form on its website. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide all information requested and to ensure that the information provided is correct.
  2. The customer agrees that if any specific resource materials are required, s/he will provide these to the writer, either with the initial order or once the writer has been assigned. If no specific resources are provided, the writer will use the most current and relevant resources that are suitable for the topic and academic level of the Customer.
  3. The customer makes payment for the order via one of the accepted payment methods
  4. The company analyzes the order and assigns it to a writer who possesses the qualifications to fulfill it.
  5. The customer is provided a personal account portal through which s/he communicates with the personally-assigned writer, with customer support, and through which s/he may check on progress or provide additional information to the writer.
  6. Upon completion, the order is uploaded to the customer’s personal account for review and approval.
  7. It is the customer’s responsibility to review the order promptly. If approval is given, the piece will be made immediately available for download by the customer
  8. If the customer wishes any revisions to the order, s/he provides the details of this request to the writer. Writer will complete those revisions as quickly as possible. The customer agrees that s/he will have 7 days after the order to request any additional revisions.
  9. If order delivery is delayed due to lack of prompt response of the customer or to technical difficulties beyond the control of the Company, then Company is not liable for such delays.

Amendments to this Document

The company may alter these Terms and Conditions at will. When any part of this document is changed, notification will be posted on the company website. It is the customer’s responsibility to stay apprised of any changes that are made to this Terms of Use document. The customer is bound by any changes once they are published.

Third-Party Links

There are third party links on the company website. Customer understands that the company is not responsible for any information found by accessing to those links or any consequences that might result from doing so. Nor is the company responsible for any privacy policies of those companies to which a customer may link from its site.

The Entire Contract

This document represents the entire terms of use agreement. Customer is bound by it and by the other policies published on the Company website.

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