Revision Policy

Revision Policy

Our mission is to produce the highest quality writing products on the planet. To this end, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction, and we come very close to meeting that.

We are partners with our customers and ask that they provide with all of the information we need to do our jobs well. When they do that, we can locate the perfect writer for each project – one who has the degree and the background experience to complete it perfectly. We also expect communication between client and writer.

When all of these things happen, customers are satisfied with the end result. It is unusual for our clients to be dis-satisfied with their products, but when they are, we have a policy in place to address the issue.

When You Need to Request Revisions

  1. You will receive your final draft via your account portal, and you should open it immediately for review. If you are satisfied, you only need to “approve” and then download the piece for your own use.
  2. If there is something you want revised, click that button. You will then send to your writer and to us an explanation of the revisions you want. Once your writer receives the request, the revision will begin immediately.
  3. During the revision process, we urge you to check your account portal often. Revisions are usually achieved quickly, and you will be asked to approve them.

You Request Revisions After You Have Already Taken Delivery

It happens. Sometimes, a customer may discover something that should be revised after approving a piece. We want you to know that you can still request revisions, so long as you meet the deadline requirements.

  • You have 7 days after delivery to request revisions
  • If the piece in in excess of 20 pages, you will have 14 days to make such a request.
  • If you go outside these parameters, we will be happy to make revisions, but there will be a fee. And, your original writer may not be available. However, we will only assign a qualified writer for the revisions.

Free Revisions

These are our guidelines for free revisions:

  • If your writer and our editing department missed a detail of your specifications, it will be fixed immediately
  • If you want the structure changed in some way, this will usually be free. For example, if there are four points made and you want the sequence changed, this will be done and transitions will be changed.
  • If there are any errors of grammar or composition, these are obviously free. This is rare, because these are usually caught by the editing department.
  • In general, if your revision request does not change your original order, revisions are free.

Revisions Requiring Additional Cost

There are two occasions that usually result in fee-based revisions.

  1. If the revision request means a change in your original order, then your writer will have more work to do than with normal requests. For example, suppose you indicated 4 resources. Now, you discover that you should have 5. We are happy to honor that request, but finding the resource and adding it into the body of the piece will take some work, and your writer should be paid for that.
  2. If you decide to request a revision after the deadline time has passed, there will be a fee applied.

When a revision is requested that will incur an added fee, we will determine that fee based upon the amount of work we believe your writer will have to do. We usually do this in consultation with the writer. Please understand that no revision begins until the fee is paid.

Final Note

If a customer stays in contact with his/her writer, most revision requests can be avoided. And if the deadline is matter of days instead of hours, customers can ask for drafts of sections as they are completed.

Above all, we urge you to place your order with plenty of time to review it and to get revisions before you must have the final product. Essays and papers are usually assigned well in advance of their due date, so be kind to yourself and your wallet by placing orders well in advance. Of course, emergencies arise, and we will do everything possible to see that you have your revisions in time.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about this policy.

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