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When you pay a writing service to write an academic paper, you are putting a lot of trust into that company. Further, the stakes are pretty high. You need them to provide you with a document that is completely original, and that has cited any sources appropriately. If they fail to do this, you could end up the subject of accusations of plagiarism or academic dishonesty.

The result of this kind of accusation can include significant loss of points, failing the class, being removed from your academic program, even expulsion. Don’t worry. This is something that will never happen to you as long as you use My Essays Lab. We guarantee that each assignment we finish is completely original, and customized for you. We back this guarantee with our originality report.

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An originality report is produced by a sophisticated piece of software that checks an essay or other paper against a database of other papers. It looks for any similarities that are significant enough to indicate that something was copied from one document into another. If too many similarities are found, the document is flagged as potentially being plagiarized. At this point, further checking must be done. Sometimes commonly used phrases will trigger a match. In other cases, text may have used from another document, but has been properly quoted and cited. During our quality assurance phase, our editors generate an originality report. That report is then reviewed to ensure that your paper is completely original. Thus far, we have never had a writer complete any assignment that was not within acceptable ranges of originality. 

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