Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Because we want to ensure that our customers leave every interaction as satisfied as possible, we have several guarantees in place relating to service and satisfaction. To put more teeth into these guarantees, we back them further with a promise to refund  your money or offer a credit towards future orders. Please keep reading to learn more about our money back guarantee policies.

Refunds And Credits

As a general rule, most customers who qualify will receive a credit towards future orders. The amount of this credit will be calculated by our customer service staff. Several factors will be considered. This includes the total amount of the order, the work completed, and the amount of inconvenience the customer has suffered. A credit may be the full amount of the customer’s order, or a percentage of it. In extreme cases, we may reward a credit above and beyond the customer’s initial expense. However this is done completely at our discretion.

There may be some cases where we issue a full or partial refund. The decision to award a refund is circumstantial and at our discretion.

Deadline Guarantee

We know how important it is that you receive your documents on time. Because of this, we make every effort to complete every order on or before the due date. In fact, our success rate is around 99%. In the event that we cannot get your order finished on time, we will offer a credit or refund.

However, we will only offer this if the reason for the delayed delivery is solely the fault of your writer or other MyEssays Lab employee. If you do not receive your papers on time because you did not update your contact information, or failed to respond to relevant communications, you will not be entitled for a refund.

Duplicate Orders

If you inadvertently submit an order twice, please contact us immediately. You will know this has happened as you will receive two confirmation emails instead of one. If we are able to cancel your order before a writer begins work, we will simply reverse the charge on your account.

Unfortunately, because we must pay our writers for any work that they do, you will only receive a partial refund or credit if work has already begun on your paper. This will be calculated based on the percentage of work done.

Double Billing

Thanks to some safeguards we have in place, double billing should never be an issue. However, we chosen to implement the following policy as a precaution: If you believe you have been double billed for any of our services please contact customer service. They will help you by letting you know the exact documentation to obtain. If we find that the double charge was caused by us, arrangements will be made to refund the extra charge. If the charge doesn’t originate from us, we will direct you back to your financial services provider.

Cancelled Orders

First, please contact customer service before cancelling any orders. If there are problems we may be able to help you resolve them. If you must cancel your order, we will offer a partial credit towards a future order. This will be calculated based upon the difficulty of your assignment, amount of time lapsed since you placed your order, the deadline, and amount of work that has been completed. If you cancel before any work has started, you will receive a full credit.

Failure to Complete Work

While this has never been an issue in the past, we know that it is possible that a writer is unable to complete an assignment due to a personal emergency. If this happens, and we are unable to find an available writer who is qualified to work on your assignment, we will let you know immediately.

We will then determine whether or not the best next step is to offer you a full credit or refund, or to offer you a partial credit or refund along with any completed work.

Originality Guarantee

This is the one guarantee that we back with a complete money back guarantee. We take our commitment to providing our customers with completely original work very seriously.  No client has ever filed a complaint with us alleging that they were given copied, spun, or plagiarized content. In fact, every document is scanned using the same kind of technology that professors and instructors use. Customers may request a copy of their originality report.

If you believe your paper is not an original, please contact customer support. You will be asked to supply your original unedited copy of the document provided to you, along with proof an accusation of academic dishonesty. If we find that your complaint is valid, you will receive an immediate refund. We will also terminate our relationship with any writers, editors, or quality assurance personnel who were involved in any way.

Technical Difficulties

Technical difficulties and natural disasters are outside of our control. Because of this, we will not offer any refunds or credits for work delayed or lost work. However, please be assured that we have many safeguards in place to significantly reduce the risk of this happening, and to ensure that we get back online quickly.


If you  have questions about our money back guarantee policies, please contact customer service. They will be happy to help you.

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