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What makes you any different from other writing services?

We know that people have thousands of writing services from which to choose. We don’t research or review them – some are good, some mediocre, some bad. We judge ourselves by what we produce, our benefits to customers, and by the customer service we provide. We think we have this “nailed” pretty well. You will always get top quality writing from someone qualified to do it. And you will always have quick and responsive customer service. We will not stop working until you are satisfied.

What do I do if I want revisions on an order?

This is pretty rare, because customer and writer are in constant contact. However, if there is anything you don’t like, you either message your writer or customer support, tell us what you want, and we will see that it is revised immediately.

Here’s how this works. When your final draft is ready it is uploaded onto your account page. You open it and review it. If it is just what you wanted, click “Approve” and download it to your own device. If you want something changed, just ask.

We also have a revision policy on our site for you to review.

How do you price orders?

Prices are individualized based on several factors – the type of writing requested, your academic level, the number of pages, resource requirements, and your deadline date. More urgent deadlines, for example will be pricier. The higher the academic level the higher the price; and pricing is established per page. Title, bibliography, table of contents, and outline are free. Pricing is calculated as you fill out your order form, and the final price when you submit is what you will pay. No hidden extra fees.

Do you ever give discounts?

Yes, we do. First-time customers always receive a discount, and additional discounts are given to returning customers based upon cumulative pages and money spent. Read out Discount Policy for the details. We also have special sales throughout the year.

What about contacting you?

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Give us a shout out by phone, chat or email – someone is always here to answer any questions or to resolve any issues you have.

Again, you may have more questions or may need to have additional discussions with us. Please contact us at any time. We want you to have a high comfort level before you lay down your money for a product or service. 

Related to writers

Who do you hire as writers?

We hire only native English-speaking professionals with degrees, who have demonstrated their skills to us through credentials, samples, and an examination that includes an original piece of writing in their fields. When we bring someone on board, we know they are a fit for our high standards.

How do I contact my writer?

Every customer will be given a personal dashboard on our site. When you order a piece of writing, we assign a writer and you and she both have access to communication through your account. We urge customers and writers to message one another often – this is how mis-understandings are avoided and the customer really gets what s/he wants.

How do I know my writer is qualified?

First, if we were assigning unqualified writers to orders, we would have angry customers and we would be re-writing and revising constantly. Here is how this works:

  • Our hiring process is outlined above.
  • When a customer places an order, they tell us their academic level, the topic of the piece, and lots of other details. We then locate a writer with a degree in that topic area – a degree that is one level higher than the academic level of the customer. If you are an undergraduate student, for example, you writer will have a Master’s degree or higher.
  • You can review bios of some of our writers on our website.

Related to guarantees

Can you guarantee that my specifications will be met?

Yes, we can. You give us all of the details. These are passed on to your writer. If your writer needs clarification, s/he will message you. If you need to give your writer further instructions, just send a message.

When your order is finished, our editing department reviews it for quality, originality, and to ensure that your instructions have been followed. If you should find that any detail is out of place, just ask for a revision – it will happen and happen quickly.

Can I expect confidentiality?

We guarantee it. We do have a Privacy Policy on our site, and we urge you to review it. You do have to give us some personal information with your order – name, email address, and a working phone number. Obviously, we have to have this to get in touch with you. We then assign you an ID number, and your information is encrypted in our system.

As our Privacy Policy states, we NEVER share any customer information with a third party, and we have the latest security measures in place. No one will know you have used our service unless you choose to tell them.

In terms of our payment procedure, we use a third-party processor with SSL certification – a processor that many large online retailers also use. You can also use PayPal which is about as secure as it gets.

Do you ever give refunds?

This is rare. We always revise until a customer is satisfied. We do have a Refund Policy which you can read, but usually refunds occur when there is an emergency on the part of a writer that will mean a delay or if, for any other reason, a deadline is missed.

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