In our effort to stay fully transparent, we publish policies for all potential customers to review. We want everyone to understand their rights and responsibilities, because once they place an order with My Essays Lab, all of these policies are in place. This disclaimer speaks to your use of our service.

  1. Use of Essays Lab Products

Any product that you order from Essays Lab becomes your property. We do not hold onto it. However, products are for your personal use only. You may not use them for any commercial purposes, meaning you agree not to sell, distribute or transfer them in any way. Our products are for your use as research, study, and reference. If you decide to use these products for any other purpose, you alone are responsible for the consequences. Essays Lab bears no liability.

  1. Providing Authentic Personal Information

We have to have our name, email address and phone number. There may be instances of emergencies and we will need to contact you. If we do not have this information, we are not responsible for delays that may result. If your information should change, you are responsible for notifying us immediately.

  1. Cancelling an Order

We certainly understand that orders sometimes must be cancelled after they have been paid for. This is our policy on cancellations:

  • A full refund is given if your order is cancelled before assignment to a writer
  • If a writer has been assigned, a pro-rated refund will be given, based on the amount of work the writer has already completed
  • You may choose to take your refund or put in on account toward a future order.
  1. Research Resources

Your writer will use any resources that you specify. If none are specified, the writer will locate the most current and relevant resources for the academic level. If you do specify resources, and they are not normally available, you will be asked to supply them. If you cannot and we have to pay for those resources, that fee will be added to your order price.

If your writer does not receive the resources promptly or you have not made payment for them, your order may be delayed. In this instance, My Essays Lab is not responsible for the delay.

  1. Completing the Order Form

We urge all customers to fill on the order form in as much detail as possible. Required fields are marked and include such things as your academic level, the type of product, topic length, resources, and deadline. You will also find a field to add more detail so that we have a more exact idea of what we are to do. With the detail that you provide, we can assign the perfect writer.

If you fail to complete the order form correctly, and a mistake in writer assignment is made, your order will be delayed and could come with additional cost. We always send an email confirmation, so be sure to check that all of the information is correct and confirm it.

If your writer has any questions, s/he will contact you. We ask that you check your account page consistently so as not to miss any messages. If you fail to do this, your order could be delayed and we cannot be responsible.

  1. Plagiarism

We scan every finished product for plagiarism prior to customer delivery. For this reasons, we have never delivered a product with any plagiarism in it. If you believe any part of your product has been plagiarized, you will need to provide the plagiarism scan report that specifies the content. If this should ever occur (and to date it has not), we would of course provide a revision.

  1. Technical Problems

We define these problems as any outages, browsers/server breakdowns, etc. When these occur, we will deliver products as soon as things area up and running again. We cannot be responsible for such issues.

  1. Payment

When you submit an order, we ask for payment at that time. If payment is not made, your order will be delayed. We cannot turn it over to a writer until payment is made. We use a third-party processor and do not have our financial information. However, a bank will occasionally ask for proof of identity and we are then notified to retrieve it. We will ask you for a picture ID which you may send to us as a screen shot, or by fax or email. Payment will not be processed until your bank has verification, so do this right away. If you don’t, your order will be delayed.

  1. Delays in Delivery

Our writers and editors work on your timeline. On very rare occasions, an emergency on our end delays delivery. If this happens, we will issue a pro-rated refund. If, however, a delay occurs because of technical issues or your failure to respond to questions or messages, then we cannot be responsible.

It's always a good idea to give yourself a few extra hours or days, so that you have time to review a piece before you approve it and take possessions. The more lead time you can give us, the lower the cost will be.

  1. Reviewing Your Order

You will be notified as soon as your order is complete. It will be uploaded to your personal account. We ask that you open it immediately, review it and ask for any revisions you want. the faster you do this, the faster those revisions are accomplished. If you are happy with the piece, just click the “approve” button to get it in a format for downloading.

  1.  My Essays Lab Customer Support

We are available around the clock, 365 days a year. Please contact as soon as any question or issue arises. We will respond quickly and resolve the problem.

  1. Legal Jurisdiction

We are bound by the laws of the location of our corporate headquarters. You are bound by yours. To date, we know of no law, anywhere on the planet, that restricts or curtails your use of any writing service. We are an online retailer like anyone else.

  1.  Customer Confidentiality

We have the latest firewall protections in place and our system has never been breached. We also have a Privacy Policy which shows how we protect all customer information. Be assured that we never disclose your personal information to any third party. If you have any questions about confidentiality, give us a call.

  1.  Revisions

We also have a Revision Policy that we urge you to read. In general, revisions are free if they do not change your original order details and if they are requested within the time frame stated in the policy.

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